Just like anyone else, the pandemic lockdown caused us to reevaluate everything. Even before lockdown, we began to see some things as being important that had never seemed important before. Having the option of commuting to work by train now seemed highly desirable. Living somewhere that would require us to buy a second car would put unwelcome pressure on the budget. With lockdown, new priorities emerged. For example, we learned to depend on home deliveries. Was a prospective house within the home delivery range of the local supermarket? We now started to look for houses that had a room suitable for being set up as an office for Pauline.

The goal posts were very much on the move and so was the exchange rate. In the first three months of the relocation process 10% of the Sterling sale price of our Co Antrim home was wiped off its Euro purchasing power. We were now going to have to take out a mortgage.