Michael and Pauline High, formerly of Brigg House, Glenavy, County Antrim, work together on a variety of projects as Team High.

Our web site is divided up into sub-domains, which are just web addresses which may be book marked separately if you wish. This top level domain sets out the structure of this site and also holds the blogs about our current projects that some may find to be of interest. Most of the sub-domains are blogs for particular subject areas that are fully visible only to registered subscribers. The sub-domains are currently…


We share an enthusiasm for photography, starting in our youth with 35mm film cameras. We used to share our snaps using a Flickr account, but abandoned this when it went commercial. We are now in the process of migrating our better shots to this on-line album. Although we retain the copyright on all our images, they are uploaded at full resolution without a watermark. Feel free to comment on them, to look up all the meta data and to request copies of them.


This is a transcription of a book that Michael was given to fill in by his elder daughter. It is for the wider family.


Michael and Pauline were married in 2003 and moved to Glenavy in 2005. Our neighbours and friends are all vaguely aware that Michael was previously married to Jane, who died from cancer. As part of his grieving process, Michael set up this sub-domain as a place for their wide circle of friends to record a few of their memories of Jane. Apart from migrating it to this mobile friendly platform, it remains as a static website for the curious.